Explain Please!

The Mostly True Radio Show is a weekly two-hour variety program of unadulterated silliness. Hosts Chris Austin and Anneli Fogt try to amuse, beguile, gossip and make listeners more smarter through music and any manner of weirdness they find on the Internet. And all of this is done while trying not to raise the ire of the FCC -so far so good.

The Mostly True Radio Show will feature songs by pop artists from Anneli’s generation like Nickleback, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and that other band, as well as musical rebels from Chris’ youth like Beethoven, Salieri and Mozart – nobody rocks a harpsichord like Wolfgang! Fun fact: Bach invented the mosh pit dive. It was called a “Bach Flip.”

Anneli and Chris will have in-depth discussions on a variety of subjects like why humans have chins (Science says they don’t know. Anneli says she does but isn’t telling). We’d also like to know why people in Florida seem to lose their minds. They’ll cover stories the “lame stream” media won’t like: Anneli’s article about the guy that let himself get stung by bees on every sensitive body part to see which hurt the most – it wasn’t the chin. Or Chris’ piece about the guy in England that had sex with 450 tractors (Chris’ stories tend to be of the romantic variety).

They’ll have the “word of the day,” the “hat of the week” and if you screw up on air you have to wear the “mitten of shame.”  Radio with consequences.

Guests will even brave the microphone and share the latest and greatest of everything Vashon from spaying your cats to making delicious caramels.

Listen in, won’t you? Every Wednesday from 4 to 6 PM on the Voice of Vashon, KVSH 101.9 FM.


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